FLS focusses its attention on clients and should be to identify the best and brightest future training needs. Our process has shaped to help franchise owners who mount for more sales and market share. FLS business model was tested and refined in company-owned centers before being offered as a franchise business opportunity.

Our success is built on three strategies:

Maintain an Industrious Sales System

High Quality Training Solutions

Emphasizing maximum franchisee training and support in the industry

We Expect:

Initial investment which is affordable

Enthusiasm for thinking ahead and succeed in touching maximum target

Managing marketing and technical team parallelly

We provide:

Brand recognition of your business in a very short span of time as a part of the established market leader in training.

Marketing support for progress of franchisee

Unparalleled training methods besides leading sales and marketing methodologies.

Our franchisee training begins with training program for new owners followed by ongoing training sessions, E-learning resources and many more.

We share our knowledge for franchises benefit and resolve business challenges. We are together.

We provide course material, web delivered training content and video delivered content.

We conduct online examinations

We provide best support for placements of students

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software for managing student records

Certification of course will be provided whoever completed successfully

We are together. We even extend any level of support you need to go further

FLS provides comprehensive franchisee support with corporate support personnel located in the Hyderabad Head office.

  • rajeeve placement form fls

    Name: Rajeev Designation: Security Analyst Company: RED SHIFT

  • cnfs training institute

    Name: Avinash Designation: Remediation Engineer Company: A

  • pardhiv

    Name: Pardhiv reddy Designation: Security Analyst Company: FI

  • jagdeesh

    Name: Jagdeesh Kumar Designation: Security Analyst Company: Allied

  • sisir

    Name: Sisir Kumar Designation: Sr. Security Consultant Company:

  • venkatesh

    Name: Venkatesh Designation: System Admin

  • sampath

    Name: Sampath varma Designation: System Administrator Company:

  • kanisha

    Name: Kanishka Designation: Security Analyst Company: Torrid

  • pavan-kumar

    Name: Pavankumar Designation: Network Administrator Company: Trace Network S

  • rajesh-kumar

    Name: Rajesh Kumar Designation: ISMS Company: Exp