Ethical Hacking Training

Ethical Hacking Training (Advance Level)

Ethical Hacking is the process of evaluating the security of a computer system by simulating an attack by a malicious hacker. The course is designed to teach students how to think like a hacker, providing them with a deep understanding of security issues and concerns. We encourage lively debates about pertinent ethical and security issues. Students develop the hacker mindset, determined to ‘do their bit’ to improve security in the world of Computing. These professionals will be proficient in identifying, isolating and responding appropriately to threats as fast as possible in order to effectively minimize damage.

Today software companies whether government or private is dealing with hardcore security problems. Crackers and intruders enter databases and web servers for stealing, damaging and spreading of irrelevant programs. This brings in the need of ethical hackers and courses on ethical hacking. Ethical hacking in India is grabbing the market fast and is doing a brisk business. It is the job of ethical hackers to protect the networking infrastructure and corporate websites. These moral hackers have the legal consent to penetrate into a computer or software system by using similar tools and techniques of that of a cracker. But they do not intend to steal information or damage the software system.


Strong knowledge of TCP/IP

Familiar with windows/Linux operating system

Who should attend this course?

Anybody who want to secure their confidential data from attackers.

Students who are willing to become ethical hackers

System/Network administrators who are responsible for protecting organizations data.

Course Outline

Introduction To Ethical Hacking

Overview Of Ethical Hacking

Hackers Vs Ethical Hackers

Different Types Of Hackers

World Top Hacker’s History

Terminologies used in Hacking

Malicious hacker phases

Skills Required To Become a  Hacker

Careers In Cyber Security

Why Cyber Security is essential?

Different Fields in Cyber Security

Certifications and Importance

Short & Long Term courses Available

Need of Cyber Security Experts

Standard Pentesting Methodologies

Description of different pen Testing Methodologies

Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM)

Information Systems Security Assessment Framework (ISSAF)

Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Top Ten

Web Application Security Consortium Threat Classification (WASC-TC)

Understanding Cyber Law

Overview Of Cyber Law

Cyber Law India

Need Of Cyber Law

Cyber Crimes & Frauds

Offences & Penalites

Pros & cons Of Cyber Law

Footprinting, Information Gathering, Reconnaissance

What is Information Gathering

Active & Passive Information Gathering

Google as a Information Gathering Agent

Web based Footprinting

Addons and Tool Based Footprinting

Site For Footprinting

Hiding Identity(Proxy & vpn)

Online Proxy

Proxy Tools

CGI Proxy

Tab, Browser, System, Network Based Proxy


Bypass Restrictions Using Proxy and VPNs

 Scanning & Enumeration

Overview of TCP/IP 3 way Handshake

Stealth scans

Nmap scanning methods

Nmap Realworld scans

Nmap Script Engine

Evading firewall/ IDS

Firewall scanning using HPING3

Online Scanning

Some useful scanners

Autoscan, Superscan, Unicornscan

Introduction to  Enumeration

SNMP Enumeration

Banner grabbing

Advance Google Hacking

Google and Its Working

Dork For Google Hacking

Tools For Google Hacking

Web Crawling Tools

Google as Vulnerability Scanner

System Virtualization & Cloning


Types Of Virtualization



Backup & Restore


System Hacking(Windows XP, Windows 7 & 8)

Password Cracking

Password Resetting

Login Without Entering Password

Password In Plain Text

Backdoor Installation

Guest to Admin Login

Securing System

Linux Hacking & Security

Password Cracking

Password Resetting

Grub Password Hacking

Linux Os Hardening


Application Password Cracking

Rar password cracking

Ms Office Document Password Cracking

FTP Password Cracking

SSH Password Cracking

Router & Switch Password Cracking

Steganography & Cryptography

Introduction to Stenography

Introduction to Cryptography

Data Hiding Behind Images, Videos Files Etc

Data Hiding Tools


Use of cryptography in Data Hiding

Exploitation By Malwares

Introduction to viruses, Spywares, Trojans and Viruses

Hacking Using Trojans and Others Malwares

Binding Trojans

Making Fully Undetectable Malwares and Others Viruses

Bypassing Anti viruses



Malware Analysis

Overview Of Malware Analysis

Manual Malware Analysis

Tool Based Analysis

Protection Against Malwares

Batch & Bash Programming

Introduction to Batch & Bash Programing

Designing Viruses in Batch

Cookie and Information Grabber

Automation Task

Process Killer and Backdoor Designing

Email Hacking & Tracing Victim

Session Hijacking




Fake Emailing

Tracing Email

Securing Accounts

Facebook, Yahoo & Gmail Hacking & Tracing Victim

Profile Scanning

Mobile Tracing by Facebook

Fake profile Investigation

Session Hijacking

Phishing attack

Social Engineering attack

Tracing Victim

Enhance Profile Security

Social Engineering Attacks

What is Social Engineering

Types of Social Engineering

How to Perform Social Engineering Attack

Prevention Against Social Engineering

Network Attacks & Security

DOS & DDOS Attack

DNS & ARP Poisoning


SSL Striping



IDS, IPS & Honeypots


Installation, Configuration & Maintenance


Types Of Honeypots

Implementation of Honeypots

Website Hacking & Countermeasures

Bypass Authentication

Manual & Automatic SQL Injection

Cross Site Scripting

Remote Code Execution

Dumping Passwords


Database Hacking & Patching

Introduction to Database

Database Attacks & Countermeasures

Cracking Of Phpmyadmin Panel

Advance SQL Injection

Mobile Hacking & Tracing Location

Call Spoofing

Fake SMS

Setting Local VOIP Server

Mobile Location Tracing

Wireless Password Cracking

WEP Cracking

WPA/WPA2 Password Cracking

WI-FI Router Password Cracking

Wireless Security Measures

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

Introduction to VA-PT

Key Benefits & Difference

Closed Source VA-PT

Opensource VA-PT

Tool Based VA-PT

Manual VA-PT

BackTrack & Bugtraq Based Exploitation & Testing

Introduction to Back Track & Backtrack

Installation, Configuration and Maintenance

Exploitation by Backtrack & Bugtraq

VA-PT By Backtrack & Bugtraq




Core Impact


Syringe Attack

kautilya : Teensy Beyond Shells

Cisco Global Exploiter

Digital & Cyber Forensic

Chain of Custody reporting




Evidence Recovery

Logs Analysis

USB Forensics


Browser & Network Forensic

Browser Password Cracking

Browser History Recovery

Browser Files Analysis For Evidence

Network Forensic

Network Traffic Analysis And Monitoring

Cyber Crime & Fraud Investigation

Credit/Debit Card Frauds

ATM Frauds

Data & Domain Theft

Fake Profiling & Emailing

Miscellaneous Frauds & Investigation

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