CCSA Training

Checkpoint Certified Security Administrator – CCSA Training (R 77.10)

CCSA Training (online/offline) course is the essential for security administrators who want to configure security policies, secure communications across the Internet, defend against network threats, and manage a secure network. This course covers concepts and skills necessary to implement, configure and maintain Check Point Software Blades including Firewall, IPSEC VPN, IPS, IPSO, network policy management, logging, status and monitoring, URL filtering, anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spam & email security.


Basic knowledge of networking

Windows Server and/or UNIX skills

Internet and TCP/IP experience

CCSA Syllabus:

Introduction to Checkpoint Technologies

What’s new in checkpoint R77.10

Checkpoint’s Architecture

Implementing 3 tier Architecture of checkpoint

Deployment Platforms

Checkpoint supported platforms

Installing Checkpoint on Windows o/s

Installing Checkpoint on Linux o/s

Installing Checkpoint on SPLAT

Installing Checkpoint on GAiA

Configuring checkpoint in standard setup

Configuring checkpoint in distributed setup

Introduction to Security policy

Understanding Checkpoint Licensing

VerifySIC establishment between the Security Management Server and the Gateway using Smart Dashboard

Creating a basic Rulebase

Implicit rules vs Explicit rules

Configuring hide NAT

Configuring Static NAT

User management & Authentication

Configure user & group accounts in checkpoint

Configure policies for authentication

Local Authentication Methods

Configuring user authentication

Configuring Session authentication

Configuring Client Authentication

External Authentication

Creating LDAP & TACACS+ objects

Integrating active directory server with checkpoint gateway

Configuring Tacacs+ server

Integrating Tacacs+ server with checkpoint gateway

Identity Awareness

Introduction to Identity Awareness

Configuring Identity Awareness

Using Identity awareness to provide access to network resource

Checkpoint VPN Introduction

Understanding VPN terminology

Configuring Remote access vpn

Implementing site-to-site vpn with head office & Branch office


Using smartview tracker for Analyzing logs

Using smartview Monitor for monitoring traffic

Using queries in smartview tracker

Filtering logs in smartview tracker

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    Name: Rajeev Designation: Security Analyst Company: RED SHIFT

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    Name: Pardhiv reddy Designation: Security Analyst Company: FI

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    Name: Pavankumar Designation: Network Administrator Company: Trace Network S

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