JNCIS (ENT) Training

Juniper Networks Certified Internet Specialist (ENT) – JNCIS ENT Training

The Juniper Networks Certification Program (JNCP) Enterprise Routing and Switching track allows participants to demonstrate competence with Juniper Networks technology. Successful candidates demonstrate thorough understanding of networking technology in general and Juniper Networks enterprise routing and switching platforms.

This course provides students with intermediate routing knowledge and configuration examples. The course includes an overview of protocol-independent routing features, load balancing and filter-based forwarding, OSPF, BGP, IP tunneling, and high availability (HA) features.

Through demonstrations and hands-on labs, students will gain experience in configuring and monitoring the Junos OS and monitoring device operations. This course uses Juniper Networks SRX Series Services Gateways for the hands-on component, but the lab environment does not preclude the course from being applicable to other Juniper hardware platforms running the Junos OS.

JNCIS-ENT exam topics are based on the content of the recommended instructor led training courses, as well as the additional resources.

JNCIS ENT Syllabus :

Protocol-Independent Routing

Static Routes

Aggregated Routes

Generated Routes

Martian Addresses

Routing Instances

Lab 1: Protocol-Independent Routing

Load Balancing and Filter-Based Forwarding

Overview of Load Balancing

Configuring and Monitoring Load Balancing

Overview of Filter-Based Forwarding

Configuring and Monitoring Filter-Based Forwarding

Lab 2: Load Balancing and Filter-Based Forwarding

Open Shortest Path First

Overview of OSPF

Adjacency Formation and the Designated Router Election

OSPF Scalability

Configuring and Monitoring OSPF

Basic OSPF Troubleshooting

Lab 3: Open Shortest Path First

Border Gateway Protocol

Overview of BGP

BGP Attributes


Configuring and Monitoring BGP

Lab 4: Border Gateway Protocol

IP Tunneling

Overview of IP Tunneling

GRE and IP-IP Tunnels

Implementing GRE and IP-IP Tunnels

Lab 5: IP Tunneling

High Availability

Overview of High Availability Networks


Graceful RE Switchover

Nonstop Active Routing



Lab 6: High Availability


Introduction to IPv6

Routing Protocol Configuration Examples

Tunneling IPv6 over IPv4

Lab 7 (Optional): IPv6


Overview of IS-IS

Overview of IS-IS PDUs

Adjacency Formation and DIS Election

Configuring and Monitoring IS-IS

Basic IS-IS Troubleshooting

Lab 8 (Optional): IS-IS

Routing Information Protocol

Introduction to RIP

RIP Configuration Examples

Monitoring and Troubleshooting RIP


Layer 2 Switching

Ethernet Bridging Basics

Terminology and Design Considerations

Overview of Enterprise Switching Platforms

Enabling and Monitoring Layer 2 Switching Operations

Lab 1: Implementing Layer 2 Switching

Virtual Networks

Overview of VLANs

Configuring and Monitoring VLANs

Voice VLAN

Native VLAN

Routed VLAN Interfaces

Lab 2: Implementing Virtual Networks

Spanning Tree

Spanning Tree Protocol

Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol

Configuring and Monitoring STP and RSTP

Protection Features: BPDU Protection

Protection Features: Loop Protection

Protection Features: Root Protection

Lab 3: Implementing Spanning Tree

Port Security

MAC Limiting

DHCP Snooping

Dynamic ARP Inspection (DAI)

IP Source Guard

Lab 4: Implementing Port Security

Device Security and Firewall Filters

Storm Control

Firewall Filters

Lab 5: Implementing Storm Control and Firewall Filters

Virtual Chassis

Overview of Virtual Chassis

Configuring and Monitoring a Virtual Chassis

Lab 6: Implementing Virtual Chassis Systems

High Availability Features

Overview of High Availability Networks

Link Aggregation Groups

Redundant Trunk Groups

Lab 7: Implementing High Availability Features

Ethernet Ring Protection Switching

Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol

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