Faculty Expertise

Faculty Expertise

FLS has made large investments to build the state-of-the-art facility, updated regularly to keep abreast with global developing technologies. Network training lab at FLS is comparable to international standards.

Our lab consists of 40 desktops with i3/i5 processor, 8gb ram,500 GB HDD, with LED monitors. With more than 20 routers, switches, firewalls is equivalent to those of large companies / ISPs, allowing students to familiarize themselves with the challenging real-time network environment of companies.Separate labs for each platform Cisco / Microsoft / Linux / Checkpoint.

Outfitted with state of the art equipment is available for students and separate classrooms have been established for theory and practical. Each lab is equipped with fully-loaded computers with varied software. A dedicated served and leased line supported by complete back-up power ensures uninterrupted operations.

Our equipment list includes

Cisco Routers (3700, 3600, 2800, 2600, 1800, 1700, series)

Cisco Switches (3500, 2950 Series)

Juniper routers

Juniper Netscreen firewalls

Juniper SRX210H, SRX240H firewalls

Cyberoam UTM’s

Sonicwall UTM’s

Forinet UTM’s

Internet Access: 20 MB leased line to provide adequate Internet support for all our students and facilitate remote login

  • rajeeve placement form fls

    Name: Rajeev Designation: Security Analyst Company: RED SHIFT

  • cnfs training institute

    Name: Avinash Designation: Remediation Engineer Company: A

  • pardhiv

    Name: Pardhiv reddy Designation: Security Analyst Company: FI

  • jagdeesh

    Name: Jagdeesh Kumar Designation: Security Analyst Company: Allied

  • sisir

    Name: Sisir Kumar Designation: Sr. Security Consultant Company:

  • venkatesh

    Name: Venkatesh Designation: System Admin

  • sampath

    Name: Sampath varma Designation: System Administrator Company:

  • kanisha

    Name: Kanishka Designation: Security Analyst Company: Torrid

  • pavan-kumar

    Name: Pavankumar Designation: Network Administrator Company: Trace Network S

  • rajesh-kumar

    Name: Rajesh Kumar Designation: ISMS Company: Exp