Online Training

Online Training

Convenience is one of the major advantage of e-learning

We opt a great way of E-learning channel to update oneself.

We continuously update the content without expertise professionals to impart knowledge for best practices

We transmit course which cover in classes through this modern educational tool

Individuals can gain knowledge with the assignments we offer through E-learning

We include the ability to utilize multimedia formats and virtual interaction

Certification tests are delivered

We maintain the information and clear for reference

Our course material can be extremely useful for individuals to review and handle real time hindrances in information security

It allows students and employees to work and learn at their own place and have the flexibility to schedule around other activities

By lowering the cost of travel, time it can be benefitted

Our online training allows students and employees to interact directly without technical team



  • rajeeve placement form fls

    Name: Rajeev Designation: Security Analyst Company: RED SHIFT

  • cnfs training institute

    Name: Avinash Designation: Remediation Engineer Company: A

  • pardhiv

    Name: Pardhiv reddy Designation: Security Analyst Company: FI

  • jagdeesh

    Name: Jagdeesh Kumar Designation: Security Analyst Company: Allied

  • sisir

    Name: Sisir Kumar Designation: Sr. Security Consultant Company:

  • venkatesh

    Name: Venkatesh Designation: System Admin

  • sampath

    Name: Sampath varma Designation: System Administrator Company:

  • kanisha

    Name: Kanishka Designation: Security Analyst Company: Torrid

  • pavan-kumar

    Name: Pavankumar Designation: Network Administrator Company: Trace Network S

  • rajesh-kumar

    Name: Rajesh Kumar Designation: ISMS Company: Exp